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Renovations to the St Mary’s Wing at Springfield Convent Senior School



Project Team:


Client:                                             Springfield Convent School

Contractor:                                    MRGB Construction

QS:                                                   Watermarque Consulting

Landscape Architect:                 TKLA

Structural Engineer:                    Meny-Gibert and Associates

Electrical Engineer:                     B2A Consulting Engineer

Heritage Consultant:                  Claire Abrahamse


Context and Brief:


The St. Mary’s wing dates from the 1870’s and has undergone major renovations over the years. The original first floor balcony (as shown in the first photo) was lost along the way. The latest renovations to this building were driven by the need to bring this section of the campus in line with the latest fire regulations.

A new escape route was created between the first floor renovated classrooms that link to a new external walkway and escape stair, reintroducing what once was a balcony.




The initial concept is embedded in further framework thinking for this part of the campus.

The language of the new walkway and stair are in keeping with the filigreed nature of the balconies to the adjacent historic buildings.

The new stair spills into the avenue in a generous and solid manner in keeping with the collective social invitation of gathering and arriving. An additional entrance  to the Old Library and Study Hall grounds the collective importance of these venues within the School community.